undercover passions (babycouture) wrote in sacredheartdiet,
undercover passions

hey guys :) i'm new.
i'm currently on day 2 of the sacred heart diet...not feeling hungry at all, but i was wondering if anyone wanted to do it with me or if you have already done it, answer some questions of mine?

*i didn't find all the ingredients for the soup...only tomatoes, beef broth, green onions, carrots, and celery. is that ok?
*they also say "eat soup if you get hungry", but i haven't been hungry, so is it ok if i don't eat it cuz i haven't had time to make it yet...
*the thing about beef, does it have to be just plain beef or steak? can it be like burgers (without the bun of course) or something? and we can substitute chicken for all the days that require beef? almonds are high in protein, so are those ok to eat instead?
*how much should i eat? because i'm not overweight at all, but i wanna lose weight...but i heard if you don't eat at least 1,200 calories a day, your metabolism slows down and then you just gain weight..

ok thanks!!
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